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CoreNetiX GmbH at IP500 Workshop @Berlin 2019

Berlin 2019 | IP500 Alliance & CoreNetix  

meet us at the upcoming IP500 Workshop in Berlin, April 2019


CoreNetiX at Embedded World 2019

Nuremberg 2019 | CoreNetix - Booth - Junge innovative Unternehmen  

meet us at the Embedded World in Nuermberg - Looking forward seeing you!


CoreNetiX / IP500 Alliance at Security Essen 2018

Essen 2018 | IP500 Alliance & CoreNetix /  

meet us at the Security in Essen- The leading fair for civil security is recognising the needs of the sector and is putting itself on a new footing: In the future, security essen will be divided into six superordinate subject worlds
Booth IP500® Alliance / H. Adamski, CEO, IP500 Alliance

Security Essen 2016

CoreNetiX GmbH,
Daniel Sieber, joins CoreNetiX GmbH

August 2018 | CoreNetix GmbH  

We are glad to announce that Mr. Daniel Sieber joins CoreNetiX GmbH in Berlin. He will be in change of Project
Management & HR Organization

CoreNetiX GmbH and IP500® Alliance showcases innovative
smart building technology in Freiburg

Freiburg, August 29, 2018 | CoreNetix GmbH  

Members of the IP500 Alliance showcased their latest building automation devices and software through a trial installation
as part of the Freiburg's "RegioWIN" Smart City Project. This installation was a trial - run for IP500 OEMs and partners to
showcase the secure interconnectivity of their smart devices, solutions and systems before their official installation in over
100 commercial buildings throughout Freiburg's industrial sector.

CoreNetiX @ IP500® Alliance Workshops - Meetings

July 2018 | IP500® Alliance & CoreNetix GmbH /  

2018 June 1st – Workshops / Guest Session
12:30h –13:30h Welcome & Lunch
13:30h –18:00h Welcome Session for Guests & New Members (incl. System Integrator / Planner Session)
13:30h –18:00h Workshop Session #1 & #2 (Members only)
19:00h Dinner Event (see above)

CoreNetiX and IP500® Alliance @Smart City Project Freiburg

2018 | IP500® Alliance & CoreNetix GmbH /  

The Smart City Project "RegioWIN" is targeting the industrial parks of three cities - Freiburg i.B., Offenburg and Lahr in Germany.
The project will make commercial buildings (companies, parks, restaurants or other professional

more information at

DKE / VDE announced NormungsRoadmap Version 2.0 for SmartHome & Building applications

Januar 2018 | IP500 & CoreNetix / In cooperation with the DKE / VDE (official German institute for communication) the IP500 Alliance has be able to present their solution in the new released document called "SmartHome & Building Applications version 2.0". These document is a good overview and a guild line for architects, planners, system integrators what is available as standards for smart homes and buildings and how can these standards be used in specific applications. The Version 2.0 is now available in German language, and will be translated in the near future in English. This Roadmap will have a strong influence on international organization.

CoreNetiX GmbH @ IP500® Meeting in Landshut / Germany

21st and 22nd of Feb | CoreNetix GmbH  

More than 20 IoT enthusiasts from 10 different countries gathered in Landshut/Germany during February 21st and 22nd for the quarterly Main Meeting of the IP500 Alliance, this time hosted by PcVue Solutions. Keynote speaker Hans-Jürgen Schmitt, Managing Director of PcVue GmbH Germany, described the broad range of business solutions that are possible to implement with SCADA/HMI software from PcVue Solutions, in building automation technology and other domains, no matter if it is based on a traditional scenario or an IoT-scenario, and emphasized the unique approach of the brand's mobile SCADA solutions. Helmut Adamski, chairman of the IP500 Alliance, announced the order for the first building automation project, based on an IP500 backbone, in the context of the RegioWIN Freiburg Smart City project. Also the restructuration of the IP500 chapter in India was a major subject during the meeting. A very interesting and new aspect in the Main Meeting was presentations held by end customers which highlighted the important benefits of a secure, safe and certifiable wireless communication standard, such as IP500 for retrofit purpose and for following up on mobile workforce. This is an assumption that is fully in line with the ideas of the PcVue Mobile Solutions. PcVue is the world's first IP500-ready building management system. It integrates an IP500 communication driver and further tools for connecting an IP500 wireless network.

Now available the wireless radio dual band module CNX200
Made in Germany

January 2018 | CoreNetix's dual band on 868MHz & 2,4 GHz

Ligh & Building

NEW!!! - Development Kit - now available

January 2018| CoreNetiX GmbH - 868 MHz

The IP500® Development Kit provides all that is needed for System Developers to integrate their Smart Building products into an IP500® network. Learn how easy it is to control and communicate with sensors and actors via a graphical web interface. In less than 10 minutes you can have a full-functioned demo IP500® network set up in your environment. Simply power on the Netbook, place the DK boards and power them on, and in a few moments, you can try out the board features. The CNX200 module mounted on the full-featured Development Boards provides the basis for rolling out an IP500® network. A Development Demo is provided as a framework for building your own applications for your own IP500® compliant devices.

Contact us directly +49(0)30 / 243 381 46 or send us an email:


Development Kit - Workshop

February 2018| CoreNetiX GmbH / IP500® Alliance - 868 Mhz

Berlin, In conjunction with the commencing shipments of the CNX200 Development Kit, CorNetiX is offering a technical workshop particularly dedicated to engineers being interested in becoming quickly familiar with its HW- and SW-components. The workshop comprises a number of lectures, providing the theoretical basics, as well as some hands-on practicing to get a deeper understanding of the system’s capabilities. Developers will learn how easy it is to run an own application in a small IP500 network.

Contact us directly +49(0)30 / 243 381 46 or send us an email:


If you are interested in more information, please don't hesitate to contact us!  


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