IP500® Development Kit - Release 3

CoreNetix - IP500® Development Kit R3

cnx200 Development Kit

The CNX - IP500® Development Kit R3 provides all that is needed for System Developers to integrate their Smart Building products into an IP500® network. Learn how easy it is to control and communicate with sensors and actors via a graphical web interface. In less than 10 minutes you can have a full-functioned demo IP500® network set up in your environment. Simply power on the Netbook, place the DK boards and power them on, and in a few moments, you can try out the board features. The cnx200 module mounted on the full-featured Development Boards provides the basis for rolling out an IP500® network. A Development Demo is provided as a framework for building your own applications for your own IP500® compliant devices.






What is the IP500® Standard?

IP500® – An Open, Secure, and Vendor-neutral Platform
As an open, non-proprietary, high-performance, and secure building automation platform the IP500® standard does indeed set new standards. It is the only wireless technology standard to ensure maximum interoperability by using and supporting the main industry norms and by clearly specifying all interfaces.
It uses and supports IEEE 802.15.4-2006, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, IPSec, BACnet, and AES128. Furthermore, the IP500® standard is the first and only wireless-based solution that will fulfill all of the EN and VdS specifications for products and electronic devices in safety and security relevant applications such as fire protection, break-in protection, or access control.

What does the CNX - IP500® Development Kit R3 includes?

three (3) CNX DK Boards

one (1) Gateway Board R2 (1)

One Netbook (1)– Quick Start Demo and Developement Demo.

Quick Start Demo – Web-basiertes Network Management System

Development Demo – Framework for IP500® Mesh Network

USB Cable – IP500® Netzwerk communication

Documentation – Datasheet, Manuals und Instructions

How can i buy the Development Kit and how much does it cost ?

Contact us directly +49(0)30 / 243 381 46 or send us an email: sales@corenetix.com


*excl. Vat & Handling Costs

Where do i receive Support for the Development Kit

Send us an email: support@corenetix.com