Transport & Wearables - Integration of wireless radio modules

2.4 GHz & 868MHz - Comfort Solutions

CoreNetiX provides highly efficient IP (Internet Protocol) based wireless intelligent network stacks on top of cutting-edge design solutions for Radio Chips. We enable highest performance of the wireless link and scalability of a sensor network by incorporating and synchronizing applications protocols with IP based network stack functions and the Radio Chip design features. In addition, CoreNetiX integrates networking software into existing OEM hardware and also provides Engineering Services.

A Practical Example:

Comfort: Mobile situation adjustment. Certain ambient components can react to movement automatically by means of IP500® devices worn on the body. They include light control (the light is switched on ahead of and off behind a person), access control (doors opened automatically, access recorded), climate adjusted to personal profile, etc.

Examples of applications that can be realized by using IP500® solutions:


Security I: Fire alarms coupled with escape route control, smoke extraction, lighting, and access control. Security II: Break-in detection with window, door, and movement surveillance.

Energy Management I: Energy savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved by means of individual adjustment of lighting, heating, or window positions.

Energy Management II: Smart grids can only be implemented by means of a wide range of good sensors in buildings. IP500® ensures interruption-free communication and easy installation in different sensor products to achieve the most comprehensive and low-cost sensor basis in buildings.

Maintenance: Surveillance of machines, solar panels, or smoke detectors that are hard to access. Essential maintenance can as a consequence be undertaken when required and not just prophylactically or at regular intervals.


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